We love really families and desire to improve the quality of life by helping problem behavior.

Really pretty beach somewhere i'm not.

Really pretty beach somewhere i'm not.


Behavioral Therapy

Therapy should be engaging, dynamic, and highly reinforcing.   That is why our team will to come alongside your family and demonstrate the level of compassion and programming precision that is involved in high-quality ABA services.

Social Groups


Does your child struggle to make and maintain meaningful friendships? Does he/she have Autism or other social struggles that make it difficult for them to interact with peers their own age? If so, join Patterns for our BCBA led social groups and camps. We are forming groups now.

School Collaboration

Parental Support

School districts are under tremendous pressure to do more and more with limited resources. Because our Patterns team is comprised of educators with current experience in public schools, we understand how this impacts both students and staff.

At Patterns, we understand that parent support is a key component of what we need to do abundantly well. Patterns provides a series of parent trainings that are geared towards learning, networking, and simply enjoying time with other parents who share similar challenges.

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Our Services

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

  • One-to-One Behavioral Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Social Groups

  • Program Supervision

  • Parent/Family Consultation

  • Parent Trainings

  • Educational Consulting

  • Consultation to School Districts

  • Training and Staff Development

  • 1 to 1 Support in School

  • IEP Support

  • BCBA Supervision