When Bret, our good friend and website extraordinaire, suggested a journal for our site, I knew immediately that this would be a great idea. Why? Our field can often feel scattered and dispersed. This is a solution to that disconnection that we often feel. We have dozens of employees, many of whom we rarely see because they are out in the field serving clients. I personally only spend about 5-10 hours in the "office" during my 60 hour work week because I'm typically out in the field. We serve dozens of clients, yet I rarely get to visit them on a regular basis (I do make my rounds, but it's not as often as I'd like). 

Having a journal enables us to connect with our staff and families in a very engaging way. We look forward to posting journal entries, and hope that we can create a thread of dialogue that's intriguing and leaves all of us wanting more. The journal entries will be relevant and applicable to both staff and families. Unless otherwise specified, you can assume that journal entries are written by myself (Rob). If you have an idea for a journal entry or would like a particular subject researched and an entry posted, use the Contact Form to get in touch and voice your requests. If you'd like to post an entry yourself, let us know. We'd love to have guests ranging from other experts in the field to families that live this and truly walk the walk. Thanks for your support and enjoy the entries!