Happy Mother's Day!!!

Part of the job that I LOVE is getting to meet new families as we come alongside them to share our expertise. I've interacted with a number of families over the course of time since Patterns was founded. There has been one consistent thread that's been very apparent throughout all the diversity of the families that we serve, which has been the unfailing dedication of those we call "Mom." In fact, dedication is an understatement and I'll explain why. 

As you know, we BCBAs are trained to be highly objective in our work. In the spirit of objectivity, I'm simply going to share my observations as I've been truly lucky to interact with such a great group of mothers. 

  • I've seen mothers dedicate the equivalent of a part, or even full-time job to managing the educational experience for their children (while also working a part, or full-time job)
  • As if extra-curricular activities were not enough, most of our mothers drive hours a day getting from one service to the next, all because their kiddos need it and it's worth it (I'm sure there are other things they'd rather be doing!)
  • Mothers have broken down and grieved over how painful particular interactions have been with a gamut of different people (e.g. school administrators, teachers, service providers, and even random individuals out in the community)
  • Most of the time, our mothers are exhausted and literally have little to no time to rest

These are just a small number of my observations. I've observed sacrifice over and over, and because of that, I've been tremendously encouraged. I'd like you to know how much you've encouraged us onlookers. You've encouraged us to be better, not by telling us what it looks like to be sacrificial parents, but by demonstrating that to us. You've walked the walk and for that, we're grateful. 

This Mother's Day, please rejoice in knowing how appreciated you are. None of us is perfect, and mistakes are certainly made, but that's not the point. Rest in knowing how relentless you've been as a parent. Rest in knowing in that you've inspired many of us to reach a bit higher, and to dig a bit deeper. Thank you for your unconditional commitment and Happy Mother's Day!