Let's Be Friends!

At Patterns, our desire is to provide services that allow our clients to experience socially significant growth and progress that will impact them and their families for a lifetime. Often, a struggle for families is their child’s difficulties interacting in social settings. Whether it is at the park, on a play date, or on the Chick-Fil-A playground, natural interactions among children seem very easy for certain kiddos, yet can be difficult for our clients with special needs. Over the years, an intervention used to target social skills among such children is often referred to as a social group. At Patterns, we often schedule clients for sessions simultaneously with other children their age with and without special needs in order to facilitate a social environment. By targeting skills like maintaining conversations, sharing, flexibility within play, observational learning, and turn taking, social groups allow children to learn and grow in these areas in a setting where they can receive immediate feedback and support. An observer might see kids playing basketball, maneuvering through an obstacle course, taking turns during a board game, or bowling on the Xbox Kinect. Ultimately, our goal is to help cultivate genuine and sincere friendships.

Given that the need for our Patterns Social Groups is rising, we wanted to invite the participation of the community around us! If you have children that you'd like considered for participation in a Patterns Social Group, contact us to indicate your interest! Currently, we are looking for children between the ages of 4-10 to participate in different groups throughout the week! We have sessions beginning at noon during the week as well as on Saturday mornings. Sessions primarily occur at our Patterns Learning Center (PLC) in Brea. To be considered, please email RFattal@patternsbehavior.com for the first step in the process!