From Awareness To Compassion

As everyone knows, April is Autism Awareness Month. It's a month to rally for the families that we serve and recognize their efforts, struggles, and hopes for their children. It's a month to rally for building awareness so that we as a people can make informed decisions as we look ahead. It's a month to rally for the children as we tangibly demonstrate to them how wonderful they are, just as they are. While these actions are important, how much greater would it be for us to make this transition from simple awareness to robust compassion? How would lives be different if we truly were the hands and feet of compassion to the Patterns families and kiddos? 

I'm often thinking through and reflecting on how we're doing as a provider of ABA services. What's been the approach at Patterns that's been successful as we enter our 4th year of doing business? What's worked? What hasn't? After thinking it through, I think it's the tough and tender outlook that we have. We know that we have to roll up our sleeves and do a tough job, yet we need to balance that with a very tender heart that's inclined towards service. It's not just a job Patterns. It's a life-giving work that we get to be a part of on a day-to-day basis. Let's do that, and let's do that well. That's where everyone wins. 

Let's use April as a month to recharge ourselves and get excited for the job that we all get to do-bearing in mind the impact that we could have in a child's life. While awareness is important, compassion is where we need to focus. Let's be known as a group of practitioners that are tough and tender. We know what we're doing and we can bring a disciplined approach to the work, all while truly showing compassion to the families that we've been entrusted to serve. Get excited for the work. Go to work ready to serve and execute with precision the plans in place. Leave work with a humble awareness of the importance of what you just did. Then, repeat. Over and over, not just in April, yet through the entire year. 

What a pleasure it is to do that work with all of you.