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Highly-trained Direct Interventionists (DIs) work individually with your child to address targeted areas of need. This can include working to decrease tantrums, increase independence while setting the table, or sleeping in their own bed. We will help with what is meaningful for you.


Qualified Case Supervisors provide training and support to your family, 1 on 1 Direct Interventionists (DIs), and Parent Consultants (PCs) in order to assure we continue to provide the highest quality of intervention and that all needs continue to be met throughout any provided intervention.


Experienced professionals come alongside your family to help equip parents, siblings, or other caregivers in order to appropriately respond to and interact with your family member with special needs. We can “do life” with you in order to show you what to do, when to do it, and how to best support your entire family.


At times, skills need to be targeted with peers rather than just with a DI. Social groups provide the opportunity to work on developing social interactions with multiple peers-including those that are typically developing.


Onsite training for members of your organization (large or small) by our experts in Applied Behavioral Analysis.


Skilled behavior analysts conduct interview, observation, and assessment in order to help you identify the causes of problem behavior. Based on these causes, a treatment plan is then created in collaboration with those that interact most with the individual.


Patterns provides practical training for parents both in person and online. These trainings help empower parents by providing them with the knowledge needed to provide appropriate intervention.


Our Clinical Team includes clinicians with extensive experience working as teachers, specialists, and administrators in public schools. We can help you navigate through your child’s IEP and school experience in the educational setting.


Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) can offer support and consultation to school district staff members in order to assist in assuring that Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is being provided to students. Consultation can include staff training, provision of assessments, program development, and supervision.


Highly-trained Direct Interventionists (DIs) work individually with your students to address targeted areas of need and implement the IEP with fidelity. This can include working to teach addition or subtraction, making friends, or to attend and respond to teacher directions. We work collaboratively with you and your IEP Team!


If you are seeking a dynamic experience in order to gain required supervision hours to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), we are glad to meet with you to discuss options for joining our Patterns Team.

We work with School Districts, Private Insurance Providers, and Medicaid.


Jessica Andrews - M.S., BCBA


Clinical Manager - Tampa, FL

Jessica has been a member of the Patterns Behavior team since 2019 and has had the pleasure of working with children with varying disabilities for the past 10 years. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of South Florida, where she also earned her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. Jessica has provided behavior analysis services in a variety of settings including: early intervention clinics, family homes, schools (public and private), and community outings. Jessica specializes in developing and implementing verbal behavior, skill acquisition, social skills and behavior reduction programs and has experience in self care, toilet training, feeding, caregiver training, and school consultation. She enjoys attending professional conferences and staying up to date on current research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Jessica is passionate about ensuring each and every client receives the best clinical care and feels family involvement is key and looks forward to collaborating with parents to create the best outcomes for success and lasting change. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, live music, and running her special needs nanny agency, Take a Break.


Alicia Allan - M.S., BCBA

Clinical Manager - Sarasota, FL

Alicia earned her M.A. of Applied Behavior Analysis from Caldwell University in New Jersey where she received training from some of the most prolific researchers in the field including Dr. Sharon Reeve and Dr. Tina Sidener. Alicia’s thesis “Evaluating the emergence of reverse intraverbals in children with Autism” was published in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior in 2014; she presented her findings that same year at the ABAI in Chicago. Alicia enjoys time with her family in the sunshine of Florida, and continues to provide quality services and care to children on the spectrum. As well, she enjoys parent training and supervision of Master level student seeking board certification.

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