Patterns provides comprehensive services for children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Patterns works with your insurance company to obtain authorization for the treatment recommended by your clinician. Patterns was founded by credentialed educators and continues to build our team with staff that have an expertise in education in addition to an expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis; that element of our company is unparalleled in the field.


Program Supervision

Qualified Case Supervisors provide training and support to your family, 1 on 1 Direct Interventionists (DIs), and Parent Consultants (PCs) in order to assure we continue to provide the highest quality of intervention and that all needs continue to be met throughout any provided intervention.

Staff Training

Onsite training for members of your organization (large or small) by our experts in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

IEP Support/Educational Consulting

Our Clinical Team includes clinicians with extensive experience working as teachers, specialists, and administrators in public schools. We can help you navigate through your child’s IEP and school experience in the educational setting.

Consultation to School Districts

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) can offer support and consultation to school district staff members in order to assist in assuring that Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is being provided to students. Consultation can include staff training, provision of assessments, program development, and supervision.

BCBA Supervision

If you are seeking a dynamic experience in order to gain required supervision hours to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), we are glad to meet with you to discuss options for joining our Patterns Team.

Contact a Patterns representative today at (657) 444-9002 for more information about our services. We can have an in-depth conversation regarding the services we provide and what would be appropriate given your needs and situation. It’s the “why” behind what we do that sets us apart-contact us so that we can demonstrate that to you, your family, or your organization.