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If you would like to utilize our complimentary insurance assistance, please contact us and have the following information ready:

  • Name of Health Insurance Provider

  • Name of Primary Insured on Policy

  • Policy Number

  • Specific Member ID Number (may not be applicable for some insurance companies)

  • Primary Insured Date of Birth

  • Name and Date of Birth of Patient to Receive ABA

Patterns will take all of your insurance information and work directly with your insurance company. This will enable us to determine the details of your benefits and eligibility for Applied Behavior Analysis. As an added service, Patterns will:

  • Ask the right questions and get the most accurate information specific to ABA treatment

  • Verify the correct copay/deductible information

  • Determine the number of sessions and maximum benefits approved as well as what is required for authorizations

  • Bill all claims for you using our billing service, if applicable.

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