The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education
— Albert Einstein

School districts are under tremendous pressure to do more and more with limited resources. Because our Patterns team is comprised of educators with very current experience in public schools, we understand how this impacts both students and staff. Given the current state of budgets and reduced expenditures, building strong, legally-defensible ABA programs is becoming increasingly difficult. Based on our experience, we know that even those school staff members with the best intentions can only do so much.

Often times, the highest profile cases take precedence and the other students and classrooms are left unsupported. Email inboxes fill and the voicemails pile up, especially for well-meaning administrators trying to affect change-we know because we've been there. It is difficult to focus on programs and provide the support and supervision that they need. This is where Patterns can help. We can provide your district with high-quality service at a rate that is reasonable and economical.

Patterns can provide a number of services tailored to your district’s needs. We utilize only the most effective, evidence-based strategies and approaches. From the building of programs to the provision of services, Patterns can work out a plan that is not only reasonable, but ultimately helpful to your district and its students. Patterns can provide the following district-specific services:

  • Program Development
  • Classroom Consultation
  • Intensive Consultations (geared towards critical situations and cases)
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (“FBA”)
  • Home Programs
  • 1 on 1 Support for Students that Require Additional Support
  • Staff Training and Support
  • Parent Training
  • IEP Support and Goal Writing
  • Data Collection Procedures

Patterns can and will do everything possible to support your schools and teams. We firmly believe that overly restrictive supports and services are contradictory to district obligations. Because of this, Patterns will work collaboratively with your district to help students be educated in the environment that is least restrictive. We will always provide an independence plan and work side by side with district staff and administrators.

Call Patterns for further information regarding our ability to serve your district exceedingly well at rates that are reasonable and appropriate.

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