Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science dedicated to the improvement of lives through a very systematic method of strategic teaching. At Patterns, we intend on bringing our full arsenal of behavior change tactics and strategies to every situation that we encounter, with every family that we serve. We love what we do, and you will notice this difference immediately. At Patterns, we know that our compassion will enable us to thrive and grow as we support families. We truly look forward to working with and serving our clients.  

The Patterns Story

Katie (Co-Director of Patterns) grew up in a home where compassion and love were modeled as her family served others with special needs in their own home and community. Katie spent many Sunday afternoons as a child running around the track at Fullerton College “training” with her sister’s Special Olympics team. Without even realizing it, Katie received years of invaluable experience interacting with and befriending individuals with special needs and their families. Throughout her childhood and teen years, Katie continued helping and serving families affected by disabilities in various capacities. She bought her first car with money she saved providing respite care for a child with autism.

During her senior year of high school, Katie invited Robbie on a date. Little did Robbie know, this was the date that would change his life forever. Katie asked Robbie if he would be interested in joining her in taking a child with Autism to the movies. He thought, “Sure, it’ll be relaxing. We’ll sit in the back row and have snacks. How tough could this be?” Needless to say, the date was not relaxing. However, Robbie’s interest in autism was piqued. Robbie and Katie kept their “hands to the plow” and they quickly found that their relationship became stronger through serving families with children with Autism.

Katie and Robbie launched their careers together as they started working professionally as discrete trial therapists. To this position, they brought raw ability and, most importantly, a strong passion for the field of ABA. Both Robbie and Katie quickly finished their degrees in Child and Adolescent Development at CSUF. They were married during this time and started teaching in ABA programs shortly thereafter. Continuing with their education, Robbie and Katie both pursued and earned Master’s Degrees in Special Education. Following that, Robbie started and completed the BCBA program/process and Katie is currently in the BCBA program. Additionally, Robbie and Katie served internationally in Romania and Morocco, supporting children with Autism that were in cultures that continue to demonstrate a tremendous need for further support.

Both Robbie and Katie have continued their work in schools and have a strong passion for embedding quality ABA programs in school districts. Although they both love working in schools, their ultimate goal has been to start their own private practice and channel their efforts in building a company that maintains a different philosophy than most. While others are motivated by revenue and profits, we simply want to provide the highest quality ABA services that are accessible to families. Patterns was founded in 2012 and we will continue creating, building, and improving as a company that honors those that we intend to serve. We humbly believe that there is much to gain through the provision of high-quality ABA services, and that mediocrity does not fit into this equation. Our goal is to work faithfully and compassionately-we aim to be different.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to you joining the Patterns family.